Rules of the direction, reviewing and publication of articles of online media «Management of education: theory and practice»

1. Order of the direction of articles

1.1. Edition adopts articles on electronic media or by e-mail:

1.2. The maximum volume of article – 1 author’s page (40000 printed characters, including gaps and footnotes).

1.3. A format of the provided text materials – *.doc (Microsoft Office), *.odt (Open Office), *.rtf (Rich Text Format).

1.4. Article has to be issued according to the Requirements to registration of articles of online media «Management of education: theory and practice» published on the edition website:

1.5. Editorial office of the magazine reserves the right to reduce and change the received articles (having notified on it authors), and also to return them to authors in case of non-compliance with one of the specified requirements.

2. Order of reviewing of articles

2.1. All scientific articles which came to edition of online media «Management of education: theory and practice» are subject to obligatory reviewing by the specialists in subject of the reviewed materials having within the last 3 years of the publication on subject of the reviewed article.

2.2. In the review are given the conclusion about relevance and scientific novelty of research, and also about compliance of the offered material to a profile of the magazine, Requirements to registration of articles of the magazine.

2.3. The review is formed in a free form or in the form offered by edition (appendix).

2.4. Reviewing is carried out confidentially.

2.5. To authors of materials by their inquiry the copy of the review (without indication of data on the reviewer) is presented, and in case of a deviation of materials of the publication or the negative review – motivated refusal is provided.

2.6. If in the review of article there are instructions on need of its correction, article is sent to the author to completion. In this case the date of return of modified article in editorial office will be considered as date of receipt.

2.7. In case of disagreement of the author of article with remarks of the reviewer, he has the right to provide the reasoned answer in editorial office of the magazine. In this case article can be directed on repeated reviewing or on coordination in editorial council.

2.8. The decision on expediency of the publication after reviewing is made by the editor-in-chief (or deputy editor-in-chief), and if necessary – editorial council in general.

2.9. Reviews of articles are stored in editorial office within five years from the date of the publication of articles and can be provided by inquiries of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

3. Order of publication of articles

3.1. Article, reviewed and accepted for publication is included in the next issue of the journal, except as otherwise agreed with the author of article.

To accommodate the possibility of works on the Internet the authors must be conclude licensing agreement on the publication of materials. On each author is a separate license agreement. The agreement shall be in writing (signed agreement and a completed act of reception and transmission of works sent to the editorial office in two copies after the adoption of an article for publication).