Requirements to registration of articles online media «Management of education: theory and practice»

Articles are sent to the address by the uniform file called a surname of the first author.

1. General requirements

Text editor: Word, style of all elements of article – usual; paper size: A4; fields: top, lower and right – 2 cm, left – 2,5 cm; a line spacing – 1; a font – Times New Roman – 14 pt.

2. Article has to contain

2.1 A surname, a name and a middle name of the author (authors) completely in the Russian and English languages.

2.2 Information on the author (authors): a work place, a position, an academic degree and a rank, E-mail in the Russian and English languages, ORCID, photograph of the author (photographs of the authors).

2.3 The name of article in the Russian and English languages.

2.4 The summary (3-5 lines) and keywords (to 10 words) in the Russian and English languages.

2.5 Text of article. A paragraph space – 1,25 cm. Drawings, schemes, tables, etc. are placed in the text of article with the obligatory link to them, the indication of their numbers and names. The text in article is allowed to be italicized, semiboldface italics or a bold-face type.

2.6 Literature. Is made out in accordance with ГОСТ P705-2008 in alphabetical order at first in Russian, then – in English and other languages.